Optimize Your App and Website to Achieve the Highest Revenue.

As a Google Publishing Partner, we can enhance your ad revenue by linking your inventory with top-tier ad networks like Google Ad Exchange, Google Admob/Adsense, and other premium ad networks worldwide.

About Run Star Run

Cutting-Edge Technology, Top-Quality Service, and Vast Scale.

Run Star Run's sell-side solution empowers the foremost digital content creators to manage their inventory's access and enhance revenue generation by allowing marketers to attain ROI and connect with target audiences across various ad formats and devices.

We focus on our customers' needs.

Our primary focus is on mobile. Most of our inventory is sourced from mobile web or in-app platforms.

Core Services

Services We Provide

AI Driven Optimization
Our state-of-the-art ad revenue optimization engine, powered by AI, help to maximize our customers' advertising revenue to the fullest extent.
Top-Quality Demands
Assist publishers to connect to elite demand partners and ad exchanges, such as Google Ad Exchange (AdX), Amazon, Meta, Media.net, appnexus, Index Exchange, OpenX, and Rubicon Project, among others.
Alarms at Early Stage
Our monitoring system can safeguard our customers against invalid traffic on their websites and applications at an early stage.
24/7 Tech Support
Our globally-distributed Ad Operations and Development Experts offer 24/7 technical support to our customers.
Ad Knowledge Training
Offer training on optimizing ad revenue and customer experience during the app and website design and development stages.
Regain Blocked Ad
With a focus on respecting end-user preferences, our advanced technology can assist publishers in regaining lost ad revenue resulting from ad-blocking.

Our Accomplishments

Our guiding principle is that "our success is only possible if our customers are successful". We take pride in having served our customers for 16 years and achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We have succeeded in the past, and will continue to support our customers in their success in the future.


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